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Remote Help & Support request

The users of the business software in your company needs help from time to time.
This could be the Microsoft Office software, or your accounting software. We may not know all the answers of your software. But we can find the answers faster then you can. After all if you are showing your employees how to use the programs, now you two people not being productive. You and the employee you are showing. 

Helpdesk request:
To request help with a computer or the software you are using. Please send a helpdesk request email to the auto-helpdesk system at or fill out a ContactUs form.  
We will respond to your request via helpdesk response system. 

Remote Support Help Desk:
Sometimes we may need to control your system from you, to help your employees. Your users call us requesting help. We can then instruct them on how to connect our help desk support staff to your user's workstation remotely, and now we can see your employees computer screens, take control of the mouse & keyboard. We can fix the problem or show the employee the right way to do whatever they are trying to do remotely.

For remote support, first you must contact us by telephone..

The Tech will then be able to see and control your computer.

Service and training is provided on an hourly basis if not covered by service or support contract. This includes rack mount systems, embedded systems, desktops, laptops and mobile business or residential computer systems running on a high speed internet connection. 

After clicking one of the links, remote-support software will be installed on your computer, it will be automatically be removed when the session ends.

If you are connecting to a support engineer, The Akornn HelpDesk software will be used to establish a remote control connection automatically with no input required from you other than to run the file. The engineer will then be able to see and operate your computer almost the same as sitting in front of it. You can see everything the engineers are doing. You can end the session instantly at any time by right-clicking on the HelpDesk icon in your system tray and selecting Close VNC Connections from the popup menu .

Note: To use this service, the computer in question must be connected to the internet.