Home Computers and Technology

Home Computers and Technology

If you are trying to work from home and are having difficulties either connecting back to your company or the Internet.
There is usually no one simple answer. As usual with computers, there are many ways to do the same thing which one works for you depends.

  • Wired network cabling
  • Wireless set up

Remote control software
There are many solutions for remote controlling your computer, either your office computer from home or your home computer from the office.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop free from Microsoft however if you've installed the home version of Windows you'll need the original desks to install this is an option. 
  • Team Viewer free for home use, however, you will need to do is set up on the computer you want to control in the computer you want to do the controlling from
  • There are many others too many to mention, even if we've never seen the software you're using before we probably could figure it out. 

Small Business Solutions

  • General technology consultant
    • Vendor liaison
      We work with your other technology vendors to ensure that the technology they are proposing will work for your company.
  • Cloud Systems  
  • Systems audits.
    • Audited and review current systems procedures.
    • Backup and Recovery.
    • Disaster Recovery Plans.
  • Seamless file and printer sharing
  • Server Administration
    • Windows Servers
    • Lotus Domino or IBM Domino
    • Google Apps
  • Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Mobile (iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile)
  • Internet connectivity
  • Data and System Backup plans that work.
  • Managed Services. 
    Combine all the systems administration, audit, and user assistance programs under one plan.

Application Development

  • Architecture and Design.
    IBM Partner
  • Lotus Notes/Domino.
  • FileMaker Pro database.

Networking Solutions

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Small Business Networks
  • Internet connectivity
  • Cable, DSL, & Dial-up network setup

 Wireless Solutions

  • Network Design
  • Wireless Consulting
  • Small Business Networks
  • Cafes, Restaurants, & Bars.