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Akornn ACLmaster™

If a Domino administrator is not listed in the ACL (Access Control List) of a database, he or she cannot access or manage the database. If the server runs on Windows, the administrator can physically sit at the server’s system console to change the ACL of the database. But, if the server is on another operating system (Unix, AS/400) the process is much more costly and time-consuming. Security implemented by Lotus necessitates that the database creator needs to add access for the network administrator in the ACL.

Naturally, this doesn’t always happen, leaving the system administrator unable to access, administer, or manage the database. In the event your database creator leaves your company, how can any other employee manage this database application? Akornn ACLmaster. 

Akornn ACLmaster enables your system administrator to do several things:

  • Manage the ACL of any database on any server, anywhere in the world, from his or her own workstation. Now, system administrators don’t need to travel between floors or buildings to perform a simple ACL update.
  • Enforce your company’s ACL policies by ensuring that your administrators have access to all databases on your network. Administrators can make global updates to any or all database ACL’s with a single command, saving time and effort. Current Lotus utilities require that changes be made one database at a time. Akornn ACLmaster can be configured to run automatically as server task, so your administrators will never need to spend time manually adding access to any of your databases.
  • Easily add or remove one or more users to the ACL of one database or a directory / subdirectory of databases with a simple command.
  • Change the database access permissions of an existing user.
  • Define the type of entry you add to the ACL: individual, individual server, group of people, group of servers, or a mixed group of people and servers.
  • Add one or more users with "no access" privileges to all databases on a server, which is particularly useful when preparing a Domino server for web accessibility.

Further, current Lotus technology only allows access to the server console on Windows systems. 

For Lotus applications on other platforms (UNIX, AS/400, etc.), the admin cannot access the ACL without shutting down the server (unless they are already listed in the ACL), which has the potential to interfere with other business processes. Lotus wrote Notes and Admin clients for Windows only, so it is not possible to run a client on any server other than Windows. Further, Lotus recommends that you not run the client application on a server machine. Akornn ACLmaster helps you to bypass the need for a client app on a Windows Domino server. What if your Domino servers don’t run on Windows? Then, accessing the ACL requires shutting down the server for at least thirty minutes while your administrator FTP’s the files back and forth. Akornn ACLmaster helps you avoid this scenario by enabling access to the ACL while the server is up and running, no matter which operating system it uses.

Why not use remote control software to gain access? Remote control software only grants limited access since it accesses the server through the standard Notes client, which only runs on Windows systems. Akornn ACLmaster enables you to have more complete access to your Domino servers, regardless of platform. Further, remote control software tends to bog down network resources, zapping precious bandwidth. Finally, remote control software applications were not built using the Lotus API and are not Lotus recognized products, meaning that they take an ineffective approach to solving these problems remotely accessing the client application. Akornn ACLmaster bypasses this workaround.

Runs on All Domino platformsR5 though Domino 8

Download Akornn Server Commandos utilities here