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Akornn CLUSTERpro™ 

Akornn CLUSTERpro is designed to simplify the task of replicating data and ensuring the integrity of clusters by making sure that all of the databases reside on each of the clustered servers. Between security issues, power outages, virus and hacking attempts, businesses need to be more meticulous than ever in performing regular backups to prevent loss of data.

Akornn CLUSTERpro gives the system administrators the ability to easily and automatically make the replica copies of databases onto clustered servers. Existing Lotus Domino utilities do not even allow an administrator to manually make a replica copy of databases on the cluster server, unless the administrator has been granted access by the database ACL. And, even if the administrator is in the ACL, he or she can only copy one database at a time. Not only is it time consuming to copy one database at a time, but also there is significant room for human error, as the administrator needs to ensure that he or she actually replicates each and every database.

Akornn CLUSTERpro is also a handy tool for migrating your Domino databases across servers,

even if they use different operating systems. This serves several purposes:

  • Your company purchases new servers to replace antiquated hardware. By executing one command, all of your databases can be easily copied and migrated to the new server.
  • Your company decides to change the operating system of the Domino servers as a part of a software technology upgrade. Lotus doesn’t have a product capable of moving databases between different operating systems. Using Akornn CLUSTERpro, your Domino administrator copies all of your Lotus Notes databases in one step onto the new server that runs on a different operating system.

Runs on All Domino platformsR5 though Domino 8

Download Akornn Server Commandos utilities here