WinBatch is a Windows automation tool -- take any task you or your Administrator needs to do on your computer or network over and over. With WinBatch  you can take windows commands and make them into a program, think of the DOS batch files but this is for Windows. Like map a network drive, Connect to a printer. This is a complete programming language at your fingertips.

Users you find you have to keep typing a name or a long string of text. With WinBatch we can make a executable program (.EXE) and assign it to a hotkey. Each time hit the hotkey, the text is inserted into the file you are editing.

Here are some WinBatch programs we have done
MESSAGE - Adds a Windows like message dialog
SMTPTEST - Send a SMTP message from a DOS Batch, or Test a SMTP server
STOPWaitSvr - Command a service to STOP and pause until the service is stopped.